Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson
Portrayed by
Jim Allen Jackson

Andrew Jackson, Old Hickory, the People’s President. He was the first President of the United States to truly be the people’s choice for president for two terms. Jackson was a friend of the people and the frontiersmen. He used the veto more times than all of his predecessors combined, and was able to pay off the national debt.

Jim Allen Jackson brings the life and career of the seventh United States President, Andrew Jackson, to the stage. From his childhood in the Carolinas, through his military career, to his terms as President, Andrew Jackson was often the center of controversy. Hailed as a military hero following the Battle of New Orleans, he believed in western expansion, and federal law over states’ rights. Andrew Jackson helped to define the role of the President and made important contributions to our country.

Jim’s presentation includes stories and reenactments from the life and experiences of President Andrew Jackson. In addition, Jim portrays two other famous frontiersmen, Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. These programs will take you back to the frontiers days through story and song.

Jim Allen Jackson is a member of both the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Jackson has a background in puppetry, cartooning, voice-over, stand-up comedy, and elementary education. He holds a Professional Clear Credential. Jim’s fun and educational live presentation are great for special events, parties, schools, scouts, and camps.

Also ask for Jim’s other characters. Stanley Beaker the silly scientist, Imagination the storyteller, Toony the cartoonist, Pioneer Pete the teller of tall tales, Corny the clown, Boris Boo the spooky story teller, Whinkie Elf teller of Christmas tales, and Uncle Sam the historical storyteller. Jim is also proud to present tributes to legendary funny men Red Skelton, George Burns, and Don Knotts.

For further information, bookings, and availabilities please contact:
Jim Allen Jackson
(818) 263-3844

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